Celtic Power is Serious About Managing their Environmental Impact

When it come to the environment, Celtic Power is at the forefront of managing their environmental impact. Celtic Power has an ISO 14001 certification which addresses how the company will manage their environmental impact and sets up guidelines for working with the environment. Celtic Power uses these standards when beginning a new project, making repairs on an existing set of powerlines or deciding to remove outdated lines.

Celtic Power has created a framework of how they will deal with issues relating to the environment. ISO 14001 guidelines require companies like Celtic Power to maintain records on how their business impacts the environment. Frequent review of these records helps companies measure and improve their environmental impact. When working with different countries around the world, having a set of standards that you can rely on is an important part of solving any environmental issues before they become problems.

A benefit for Celtic Power in creating a set of standards for dealing with environmental issues is the savings. Having guidelines for dealing with waste can often reduce waste management costs and can save on energy and materials costs. Companies like Celtic Power, who are sensitive to environmental issues, will tend to use local resources, which can be another cost-saving benefit of having an environmental impact statement. Using local products help reduce distribution costs. One other major benefits of having a solid pro-environment reputation, like Celtic Power has, is that it will give you a good public image. Companies are more likely to hire your company if they know that the community will not have to deal with environmental activists picketing the job’s site every day.

Celtic Power has a strong pro-environment image and has maintained this by becoming ISO 14001 certified. Celtic Power takes into consideration the environmental impact of the work that they are doing and does its best to reduce the impact on the environment. Using a set of standards that are higher than the ones in the ISO 14001 standards, Celtic Power is a world leader in environmental sensitivity.


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